Historic Caves of Ikaburu, Urdax
Continuous erosion of the river Urtxuma created this cave some 14,000 years ago. A guided tour through its galleries will open up a hidden world of stalagmites and stalactites.

The wisdom of nature has embodied the humble perseverance of a drop of water. Hidden beneath these ancient caves flow the waters of the river Urtxuma. Explore the secrets and see the force of nature at work on a 40-minute guided tour complete with light and sound. Legend has it that lamias used to live here, and it is said that their voices can be heard in the echoes of the stream that flows through the caves. 

The Urdax Caves were inhabited by our ancestors during different periods of the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic. 

In 1930, the famous French speleologist Norbert Casteret discovered what he referred to as ‘a beautiful coat below the rocks’ in Berroberria cave and ‘a cave with etchings’ in Alkerdi. The etchings found at the end of the passage in Alkerdi are engraved into a stalagmite flow; we can see a bison, a deer, and the third image is probably a horse. These findings date back some 13,000 years ago to the Upper Magdalenian period.

Twelve more engravings of bisons have recently been found, adding to the importance of this prehistoric site. For conservation purposes, the engravings are currently off-limits to the public.

  • Gruta histórica Ikaburu (Urdax)
  • Gruta histórica Ikaburu (Urdax)
  • Gruta histórica Ikaburu (Urdax)
  • Cercanías de la cueva de Urdax, Ikaburu

The Ikaburu caves are located in the town of Urdazubi-Urdax in northern Navarra, a few kilometers from the French border.

Ikaburu cave, Urdax
Barrio Leorlas
31.711 Urdazubi Urdax
Tel: +34 948 599 241
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