XARETA, Land of Forests

The valley of Xareta spans four municipalities located on either side of the border : Zugarramurdi and Urdax in Navarra, Spain, and Sare and Ainhoa in the Lapurdi region of France. The boundary has been blurred by mountains, verdant pastures, rivers and

Basque mythology and witches

Xareta is the land of the Akelarre, or Witches' Sabbat. Legend has it that these Sabbat gatherings took place in the Zugarramurdi caves, the meadows of Urdax and at the foot of Mt Larrun.

Cross-border territory

Many of the people living in the four towns in Xareta are linked by historical family ties. For this reason, the Franco-Spanish border posts were not taken into account when the secondary road network was designed.

Basque culture

The Basques have built around their language an original and creative culture, marked by many different influences.


Ainhoa está clasificado como uno de los pueblos más bellos de Francia. Este pueblo “bastida”, construido en la Edad Media como etapa de descanso para los peregrinos, es una hilera de casas antiguas de colores, rodeado de verdes laderas.


Cataloged as one of the most beautiful villages of France, Sare is located between the sea and the mountains, at the base of the Basque mountain La Rhune. Sare, with the villages of Ainhoa, Urdax and Zugarramurdi, form the territory of Xareta


Among the many attractions in Urdax are the monastery and cloister, the mill, the Ikaburu caves and the spectacular landscape for enjoying the great outdoors.


The name Zugarramurdi, besides being a tongue twister, has its origins in elms, bay laurels and hazelnut trees. But it is most commonly know as the 'Town of the Witches'.

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