Monastery of Urdax
It is believed that a small congregation of Augustinian Canons established a pilgrims hospital here in the 11th century. In the 12th and 13th centuries the hospital was occupied by the Order of Canons Regular of Prémontré, also known as the Premonstratens

Nothing remains of medieval monastery. Between the 16th and 18th centuries the monastery reached its maximum splendour, giving us the buildings we see today. The monastery suffered two major fires.  

The first was in 1526, when Navarre lost its independence, and the second, in 1793, during the rule of the National Convention in France, when French troops invaded the area and razed the monastery and the town of Urdax to the ground. In the second fire, the monastery's great library, which contained over 9,000 volumes, was destroyed. After the National Convention (1793-1795), the monks had to take refuge in the Sanctuary of Loyola until 1806.

Shortly after that, the confiscation of Church property led by Mendizabal took place in 1836. The Premonstratensians left the abbey forever and the church became a parish church. Only the church and the cloister remain of the old monastery. Together with other spaces in the building, it now houses the monastery museum, a collection of art, and a pilgrims' hostel.

The Museum of Liturgical Ornaments, promoted by the Association of Friends of the Camino de Santiago of Urdax-Baztan, is also located in the old monastery, as is a permanent exhibition on 50 years of Basque painting. 

A must see :  EXPO-ZUBI-ARTE present in the cloister, the permanent exhibition “50 years of Basque painting and sculpture” is open during regular museum hours.

In the medieval cloister of the Royal Monastery of Urdax-Urdazubi, the permanent exhibition “50 years of Basque painting and sculpture” presents 300 works of art by 26 of the greatest Basque painters and sculptors of our times.


On permanent display, visitors can see works by José Luis Zumeta, Christine Etchevers, Patxi Aranoa, Pier, Iñaki Ruiz de Eguino, Monique Leinert, Oaia Peruarena, Jose Mari Apezetxea, Roger Bravard, Aitor de Mendizabal, Xabier Obeso, Javier Alkain, Txomin Toyos Irkus Robles Arangiz and Carmelo Ortiz de Elgea.


The cloister features sculptures by Aitor de Mendizabal, Tomas Fischer, Tista, Iñaki Ruiz de Eguino, Juan Gorriti, Ramon Cabestany, François Marty, Iñaki Olazabal, Edouard Solorzano, Koldobika Jauregi, Luis Alberto Ospitaleche, Lesagibel and Joseba Estarta.

  • Exhibit: Monastery of Urdax
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  • Exhibit: Monastery of Urdax
  • Exhibit: Monastery of Urdax
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Monastery of Urdax
Otxondo Evénements SL
c/ San Salvador
31711 Urdazubi-Urdax
+34 948 599 031
GPS : 43.2604 N -1.50346 O


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